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Step1 the fatale firm
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No Process – No Power

The first step in becoming your bomb new brand is BOSS UP

No more playing yourself by making moves without a vision…
When you BOSS UP you gain clarity and build your step by step blueprint for your brand to deliver consistency on the backend

You need an organized process that makes your customers feel at home with you


This step equips you with a solid offer and the actual process to make good on your promise

In this step we identify your customer touch points, and outline your customer experience so you can have a process and a plan in place

Boss Up

Get your stuff together… Literally
[ Systems – Strategy – Sales ]

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Step2 the fatale firm
Brand Up background-2


You Are Who You Attract

If you already have your process in place but you spend more time defending your offer than you spend presenting it, start here at Step 2: BRAND UP

It’s time to stop settling for customers who want to haggle over price and start attracting clients who recognize your value

You need to attract clients who put their money where their mouth is — period


This step equips you with the value you need to break through barriers of entry

In this step we develop your brand image with visual consistency and pull out all the stops to make sure you can stand out in the crowded marketplace

Brand Up

Pull everything together and get in position to dominate

[ Looks – Leverage – Loyalty ]

30-day minimum commitment

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Step3 the fatale firm


Execute or Expire

If your brand looks great and you already have a web presence, but you struggle with turning likes and shares into actual paying customers, start here at Step 3: EXECUTE

No more dimming your light and laying by the wayside expecting customers to fall into your lap.

You need to put yourself out there without wrecking your brain for customers

This step equips you with the automation you need to make money in your sleep 

In this step we set up your advertising channels to keep you in front of the right people at the right time to make sure you’re running a profitable business


Always be IN the right place at the right time

[ action – Advertisement – automation ]

90-day minimum commitment

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